Photo Gallery

Recent Pictures, all taken by Alan Breward except the Ship Carving (from the Fleet Air Arm Officers Association website). The memorial is sited between the Merchant Navy wood and the main FAA dedicated area, he has put a couple of pictures in showing the places between certain memorials. In Alan's talks with the permanent staff members it brought one or two strange returns, with the skip & Portaloo and the fact that the builder was not aware that the police had to be present during concrete pouring! The Carrier was delivered on the 7th and installed on the 10th August due to the damp ground; a 3" deep Portland stone shirt and Angled drop are nearly complete. In the latest picture chippings have been laid around the memorial to give an idea of the Sea and the FAA Wings and the Inscription have been added although the grouting has not been carried out. All these pictures have been kindly donated by Alan and Vicky Breward and have allowed us to see the work progress and to appreciate the time it takes. The Final pictures were taken after the unveiling ceremony.


View from Aft

The Inscription & Crest

Port Side View

Another Port Side View

Excellent Finished work

Final Cleaning and Tidying up

Final Cleaning and Tidying up

The Central Badge

The Nose from above front

Malcolm completes the artwork

Cementing & Grouting still required

The Nose, cementing still required

Malcolm continues his task

Close up

Work continues

Nearly Finished

Steaming Ahead

Port Quarter

Nearly there!

Ready to land

Ploughing along

The remaining work

Finished work

Sea Level view

The FAA Wings and Inscription

The Sea and remaining work

Side Cladding being added

Side Cladding being added

Side Cladding being added

Side Cladding being added

At the artists studio


Work continues on the Memorial.

Dressing has arrived 17.8.09:

large lorry has arrived on site with the Portland Stone "Sea" for the dressing.








Laying the plinth

The Site

Good Place to view

The Hull being lifted

(Flight deck and island to left of carrier)

Lower Command, "Artist approaches with Brolley"

Artist retains brolley, (No rain now)

A couple of inches more

A Hanger? and Location Pins to keep Flight Deck aligned

All on now

Where's the landing sight gone?

High Approach

Port side view

Port Forward View

The Island

Angled deck

Very High Approach