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Interested in the groups who played at the Two Red Shoes in the 1960's whilst you were serving at RNAS Lossiemouth, click on the link below to take you to the Two red Shoes website (Preview above)


For those of you interested in how the Two red shoes started, you will find items about the history of the Two Red Shoes at David mills Blog (now unavailable);


Two Red Shoes Info

Albert Bonici Bio

Click on either of the pictures above to see part of David mills Blog


'Two Red Shoes' link with the Beatles.

 The Beatles began their first tour of 1963 with a performance at the Two Red Shoes Ballroom, Elgin, Scotland, on 3 January.

 The Two Red Shoes opened as a jazz venue on 28 July 1960. The Beatles' Scottish tour had been booked in November 1962 by Jack Fallon at the Cana Variety Agency. The Beatles earned £42 a night.



3 January 1963


We have received the following email from the FNF regarding recent FAABA Donations that were originally agreed at the AGM last year (See Association minutes in the Members Section)

From: Phil Carpenter

Sent: 26 March 2016 14:52
To: Stanley Brian; Robin Harper
Subject: Thanks from the FNF

Dear Brian, Robin and all of the FAABA members,

Although rather overdue, this is just a quick note on behalf of Admiral Chris and the whole Fly Navy Federation to say thank you for the very generous cheque towards the NMA FAA Memorial extension that you handed over at the meeting last month. 

It is very much appreciated, and I hope that we can instruct the stonemasons to start the work later this year.  The memorial really will be a very long lasting legacy, and the cheque helps put that in place.  It is great to have the financial ball rolling, and your cheque helped to get it moving nicely! 

I really enjoyed the meeting and social, and very much look forward to the next….


Phil Carpenter


Fly Navy Federation



I don't know if you are all aware that the South African Air Force also had an association with RNAS Lossiemouth. In 1962 South Africa placed an order for 16 Buccaneer aircraft which was known as the Buccaneer S MK50. In January 1965 the first four crew members started their conversion course on the Buccaneer S.1 and then when our first S MK50 was delivered on 25 May 1965 they converted onto this type and the rest of the crew and ground crew joined them. On 27 October 1965 they departed with the eight Buccaneers then delivered for the long delivery flight to South Africa where they landed at Air Force Station Waterkloof near Pretoria on 3 November 1965. The delivery flight was however not without drama. One of the Buccaneers went down on 3rd leg of the flight between Sal island and Ascension Island which led to a huge S&R mission for the downed aircrew. They spent about 30 hours at in the open ocean with SAAF Shackletons circling above, they were eventually picked up by a Dutch Freighter the 'Randfontein' on its way to Cape Town. A reunion will be held at the SAAF Museum at Swartkop AFB on 7 November 2015 to commemorate the landing of the first Buccaneer on 3 November 1965. Ten of the original sixteen aircrew will attend the function as well as some of the original ground crew members.

Photo of the SAAF Buccaneers lined up at RNAS Lossiemouth on 27 October 1965 for the delivery flight to South Africa.

Some of the 24 Sqn ground crew members at Buccaneer 413, the first SAAF Buccaneer to be delivered from the Brough factory on 25 May 1965.

Johan Conradie is involved in research to help produce a book on the Buccaneer in SAAF service and he says photos of their guys at Lossiemouth are very scarce. If anyone has memories of the South African Personnel at Lossiemouth and if possible has pictures of 24 Squadron at there, please get in touch with Phil Glover and he will put you in touch with Johan.



Pictures from the installation of the HMS Fulmar Ships Bell at the Fisheries & Heritage Museum in Lossiemouth, Morayshire. It was originally envisaged that it would be presented to the Covesea museum in June during our reunion, but unfortunately the Covesea museum will not be finished in time. The F & H Museum agreed to put it on display until the Covesea museum is completed. Alan & Vicky Breward carried out the epic journey to deliver it and other local ex FAA came together to install it in the museum. Dave Clark has written a short history of the bell, click on the link below.

The Ship's Bell - HMS Fulmar



For those who have been waiting for their chance to purchase this video tribute to HMS Fulmar, it is now available to order. There are only limited quantities available so it won't be on sale for ever and I suggest that if you want a copy send an email to as soon as possible; the price will depend on where you need it delivered to.


For those members who are not on Facebook; you may not be aware that for the last couple of years Mike Spice (ex 892) has been converting Std-8 & Super-8 Films for ex servicemen at the knockdown price of £2 per 50 Feet for Navy Films, or £3 per 50ft for family films. If you have cine film that you have had stored away since leaving the Navy and not had them converted to MP4, this is for you.

Conversion of your films is carried out using a Modified Wolverine Scanner carrying out Frame by Frame scanning, the individual images are put together afterwards into a digital film with excellent results, especially in brightness and colour, This service usually costs you between £6-£12 per 50 Feet by commercial conversion companies.

The Facebook Group is called Super 8 Rescue and is at If you have issues with using Facebook or need more info contact Mike at

You need to pay P+P both ways to West Sussex and need to send an 8-16Gb USB Memory stick. Mike does not make DVD discs; only recording to USB sticks. The video(s) can be played on a computer or flat screen TV which has a USB socket. (Note: Placing the films on DVD would reduce the image quality)

He offers a one to one service and does not operate a 'cine sausage factory'; he does this for a hobby and only charges enough to just cover his time and electricity.

Get in touch if you think he can help with your conversion. UK CUSTOMERS ONLY

You can see the work he does at You Tube by searching for
'Super8 Rescue'.

From Phil Glover: I had over 4000 Feet of films converted by Mike in 2018 having previously had them commercially converted and the improvement was astonishing. Some of my films can be seen on you tube by typing into Google 'YouTube Phil Glover HMS Eagle'


Please click on the image above to view the FAA Memorial Pathway concept being put forward by the FAA Memorial Church. If you wish to make a comment about the project details of who to contact are contained within the pdf file.


Members of the Buccaneer Association may be interested to see the cover of 'Fleet Air Arm Boys' Volume 2, which is being released in July with a major launch event at the FAA Museum; with the longest chapter in this volume being the Buccaneer it may spur you all to buy a copy on release.



For any of our website visitors, if you knew Simon Royal on 736, 801 & 800 Squadrons then don't forget to look at his excellent website. This is an update site and not the original version.


Please see below an urgent message from Jock Alexander and Tim Manna, regarding returning a Fairey Gannet to the skies.
Anyone with relevant experience (there must be plenty out there - especially amongst the AnyFace members) please contact Tim directly by the email at the bottom of the message (

“FAIREY GANNET EXPERIENCE URGENTLY NEEDED. An exciting opportunity has arisen for 2-3 volunteers to help prepare a US-based Gannet for its first flight in several years. The aircraft is currently located in Woodville, Wisconsin, and the intent is to prepare it for a ‘one flight only’ move during August/September time to Spokane, Washington, where it will be subject to a full maintenance package. All going well, the intent in the near future is to re-patriate it to UK, where we hope to bring it under the care of Navy Wings. Successful candidates will ideally have direct experience of having worked with the Gannet, either as engineers or pilots. Help potentially available with travel and subsistence costs. Interested parties should contact Tim Manna at”



The Navy is opening up HMS Raleigh for a small amount of former trainees of this establishment to spend a day there.

More Info:

Britain's Top Guns - The Fleet Air Arm Story - the next step - 1990 to the Present (UPDATE)

Update 20 July 2023: The Navy Wings documentary has moved-on to the next stage of interviewees, and is now looking for those with stories to tell from the 1990s to the present day. Please see the information below.

Could your personal testimony make a valuable contribution?
As you are aware, we are working through the years in phases and now need to move onto those who served more recently. If you have something interesting to contribute, small or large, and served from 1990 to the present, please click the link below and complete the simple form.
To capture the full essence of the FAA, it is vital that we hear from all branches, Pussers to Pinkies, Bombheads to Badgers, Met to Mech and Handlers to Aircrewmen.

FAA Film Contribution Form
Can you help us bring the powerful history of the Fleet Air Arm to a global stage. First hand testimony is central to the Fleet Air Arm Story. Please contribute if you can and circulate this request to your veteran network.

Many thanks for your ongoing support.
If your association might have suitable ‘candidates’, then please send this on to them. and they can contact the Navy Wings documentary team via in the text.

Navy Wings are still looking for interviewees willing to be filmed discussing their time in the FAA, for the documentary film "Britain’s Top Guns - The Fleet Air Arm Story" (See article below).

They are now looking for those who served between 1960 and 1990; any members who might be willing to contribute their storiesplease contact Navy Wings by email in the first instance at Please use the following header in your message "Subject: Britain's Top Guns - The Fleet Air Arm Story - the next step - 1960-1990"



Dear All,

Following-on from the successful Naval Associations Parade in September 2021, organised by the Royal Naval Association, please see below details of the 2023 Parade. it will be held in London on Sunday the 10th of September.

With this being only two months away, time is relatively short, but it would be good to see a strong Fleet Air Arm contingent, especially as the FAA is missing from the Royal Naval Association text of previous attendees below!

I am aware that some associations have members wishing to attend already, so if we can coordinate an FNF contingent to march as one ‘unit’ (albeit in separate associations), that would be ideal.

Please let me know if the FAABA association have members interested in attending, and I am happy to coordinate.

There is potential to hold an FNF meeting in London on Saturday the 9th, if there are representatives from a sufficient number of associations staying in London the day before the parade.

Phil Carpenter,
 Secretary, Fly Navy Federation

Would anyone who wishes to attend please contact Phil Carpenter by email at 



Brian Stanley (FAABA Chairman) has requested that members who wish to attend the Remembrance Sunday event at Whitehall on the 12th November contact him as soon as possible so that he can notify the British Legion by the 5th of May how many places we require. As only 4 people attended from FAABA Last year it is possible that we won't be allocated as many places as we would like.

Brian can be contacted by email at


Dear all,
Those who are Navy Wings supporters may already be aware, but a new documentary about the Fleet Air Arm Story is being commissioned by the Navy Wings team.
Some extra fundraising is required in order to get it off the ground, and the details are attached below.
This is a great opportunity to help with making sure that the story of the FAA reaches a truly global stage, in a way that never has been done before.
Please advertise this great initiative as far and wide as possible.
Best wishes to all for a very Merry Christmas.
Yours aye,
Phil Carpenter

Navy Wings have just announced their TV documentary project 'Britain's Top Guns'.
Here is the link to the introductory film and details of the project:

Please read the full story of this campaign using the above hyperlink and if you can assist in any way, please do.

We have had a truly extraordinary response to this campaign to raise funds to cover the cost of location shooting.
It recognises the importance of telling this story and also shows the level of support from the FAA community that they should be heard.
This was to be the first of two campaigns, with the second being to cover the costs of editing.
Even though we are past our initial target, please continue to donate.
All funds raised will go to covering other costs necessary to complete this important film.



Remembrance Sunday at The Cenotaph (London), Chris Lawrence was the Platoon Lead for the FAA Buccaneer Association. It was a dry day, and the sun came out in the afternoon. He said it was a great honour to be a very small part of this massive Remembrance Service. It was his seventh time of Marching, and was the second time as the Wreath Bearer for the FAABA platoon. It is a great shame that that there were only three other members (Michael David Weller, Tanzi Lee, Alec Dunn), but we were joined by Whacker Payne for the march past!

It would be great to see more of the 1000’s of you that worked on these aircraft at Lossiemouth and at Honington, over the years. This is a GREAT Event to be a small part of, with FREE Train travel from ALL Regions, FREE Underground Tube travel, FREE Poppy Cabs to/from Horse Guards Parade.
Please consider putting this event on to your Bucket List, and attend this event just ONCE – it really is a GREAT day!

Best Regards
Chris Lawrence