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A short film taken during the Saturday's night entertainment at Coventry during the 2013 Reunion

This film was taken by Frank Johnson in 1968 aboard HMS Hermes and at RAF Changi. If you were on 801 Squadron at that time I'm sure you'll recognise some of the characters identified in the film


This film was taken during the Buccaneer Mk2 Hot Weather Trials aboard the USS Lexington in 1965 in the Gulf of Mexico; it was taken in 8mm so it has its limitations. This short clip has been supplied by Terry Stow who was onboard as a member of 'C' Squadron (Boscombe Down).



These two films were shot during 1967 aboard HMS Eagle which was part of Task Force 345 covering the withdrawal of forces from Aden. The other ships in the film may be Albion, Bulwark, Fearless, Intrepid and Phoebe. Personnel shown are mostly 800 Squadron.

These replace the earlier film giving a larger screen area and improved image quality.


A film shot by Alistair Gilbert aboard HMS Eagle in Singapore Dockyard in 1967/68. Finished with a short excerpt taken by Phil Glover from Aggie Weston's outside the dockyard gate during a light Monsoon whilst also serving aboard HMS Eagle at that time.



Another award winning film shot by Alistair Gilbert and featuring 800 Squadron members from 5C1, 6H and 2MA2 Messes aboard HMS Eagle. The Pool is the one inside the Singapore Dockyard which is still there.


A mix of two films taken in 1968 by Phil Glover & Alistair Gilbert whilst HMS Eagle was taking a break in Fremantle, Western Australia; the ship is docked at Victoria Quay.

This film clip is an excerpt taken by Phil Glover during the ground run of Buccaneer XX894 at Bruntingthorpe airfield in June 2008.  The aircraft is owned by Guy Hulme and named 'The Spirit of Roy Boot' in honour of the aircraft designer. Guy and his volunteers carried out the run during a visit by members of the FAABA; Phil (Sharky) Bennison, AA1 Ret'd is at the controls.

A series of short Video Clips to give you a feel for how everyone enjoyed the 2009 Reunion at the Royal Court Hotel, Coventry

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HMS Eagle, Exercise Silver Tower 1968

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